Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back again!

Well, things got a mite busy.

The piece of work I allude to below turned out to be the story "I'm Gonna Stake You, Sucker!" featuring the Marvel X-Men member Alison Blaire, aka The Dazzler. The story was beautifully illustrated by Sana Takeda and appeared in 'X-Men Vs Vampires #1" last October. I had a ball signing these at the Armageddon comic-con in Melbourne.

I am busily writing & pitching a tonne of stuff right now, as always, and am especially enjoying the commencement of a new screenplay project with sometime film collaborator, my good brother Jonny.

Another comics pitch I completed only yesterday that went off to a fairly high-profile recipient is a real nail-biter; the concept is, I feel, an absolute winner, yet of course the fates are often either fickle or disagree with me, so I know it might not see daylight. This one would be a right shame; it's a real show-stopper with a wonderful character.