Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back again!

Well, things got a mite busy.

The piece of work I allude to below turned out to be the story "I'm Gonna Stake You, Sucker!" featuring the Marvel X-Men member Alison Blaire, aka The Dazzler. The story was beautifully illustrated by Sana Takeda and appeared in 'X-Men Vs Vampires #1" last October. I had a ball signing these at the Armageddon comic-con in Melbourne.

I am busily writing & pitching a tonne of stuff right now, as always, and am especially enjoying the commencement of a new screenplay project with sometime film collaborator, my good brother Jonny.

Another comics pitch I completed only yesterday that went off to a fairly high-profile recipient is a real nail-biter; the concept is, I feel, an absolute winner, yet of course the fates are often either fickle or disagree with me, so I know it might not see daylight. This one would be a right shame; it's a real show-stopper with a wonderful character.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving through the Gateways of Process

My Adventures working with Editor X Continue

She is proving to be an absolute pleasure to work for. Pitches have been read and discussed with her team. They love two of them! So, both get a green light - but there are notes for both - it's up to me to decide which one I want to amend and re-submit! We discuss this at some small detail. Over to me! Next discussion due soon.

Nice to be treated this way!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How did the Editorial Phone Hook-Up Go?

I was expecting one of two outcomes:-

a) Like your pitch - let's do it.
b) Don't like your pitch - please go away.

What I got was something else:-

c) 'We can't use your pitch because of (X) reason, but I like it and your writing, it's different and it stands out. However:-'

c) (i) 'There may be (y) event coming up for the company - which would then allow me to use it! If that happens we'll talk again on this.'


c) (ii) 'I want you to try out for something else, a lesser gig, in scope, but will allow us to work together and see what follows. Can you give me soem pitches for (z)? By tomorrow?'

I am sure, dear reader, you know I said yes, and I've already sent the three pitches off. Don't know what happens after that but it certainly was one of those pleasant moments when you know people GET what you are trying to do. People are often harsh about editors, but it's important to remember how decent they can be, if you just remember they are trying to do a job; buy great stories.

More if more happens.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaaand, we're back.

I have a phone hook-up booked with an editor from what they call in the comics industry 'one of the Big Two' in a couple days.

It's to discuss a specific pitch of mine, and any consequent issues, I guess.

Funnily, I have an eerie sense of calm about the whole thing, because I know the actual chance of the meeting turning into a paid gig is only partly in my control; and the part that's in my control is the part I have already put everything I've got into. I have prepared myself and I have gone and got a couple of extra things that are really not required for an effort like this but which would give me added help in conveying the intensity of pitch and the applications of it, and to some extent answer some of the marketing questions around it.

If the whole thing goes down in flames or the meet has to be postponed (yes, that happens, readers; editors have crises to deal with and emergencies bump spec pitches any day) I'll mayhap feel a little deflated but one thing I've decided; if I can't do the best pitch in the world, the one that shows I want to move planets to make a good story find a home, then maybe it ain't that good after all. If I don't believe in it as deserving of literary life, who should?


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sometimes Things fall Through

Here's an example of failure, with a little mitigating twist.

I wrote an article for this book that got bumped at the last minute for reasons of space.

My nice consolation prize was to find I got a mention on page 200!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

And this one will be hitting newsagents across my sunburnt country this week.

OK, lots coming up.

But what's gone on the last few months?

Well, these little publications came out with work by me:-